Some few words regarding my background

I have been interested in drawing and painting as far back as I can remember. When grown up I got educated in the graphics art’s which was my basis for my work with illustration, ads and marketing during next 35 years, where of 30 years as self-employed in my own advertising agency.

My business life with marketing, advertising and illustrations did not leave any space for performing painting ,drawing etc. on a hoppy level, but now, where I have left the business- life I have got the time and want to perform pictures in a more figuratively way.

I mainly create the pictures for my own sake, and not with sales in mind.

My pictures are not meant to express the exact image, but to include the vibe and atmosphere which I have brought home from the actual location or situation. Very often the nature is my source of inspiration; a mix of vibe, atmosphere, colors and mood.

I have created pictures in wool since 2012

When I’m not creating pictures, I’m riding my wonderful Icelandic mare, Ýlfa.

Should you wish to see my pictures, please feel free to contact me at the below